Understanding How IV Therapy Works

Oct 10, 2023
Understanding How IV Therapy Works
IV therapy delivers precise doses of micronutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and fluids directly to your bloodstream, promoting wellness with a single treatment. Here’s how IV therapy can help you optimize your health.

If you’re like most people, you probably associate IVs with intravenous drips used during hospital stays or some outpatient facilities. But IVs are also used in other key ways, including their use in popular IV therapy designed to support overall wellness.

 IV therapy is performed on an outpatient/in-office basis in less than an hour and is routinely used to help people increase energy, relieve stress, and fight off signs of aging and boost immunity. It’s important to choose a provider offering different infusions who can customize your therapy and ensure you reap the most benefits from this innovative therapy,

With locations in Arlington and Prosper, Texas, the Institute for Hormonal Balance is a leading provider of IV infusion therapy tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. In this post, learn how IV therapy works and how it can affect your wellness routine.

How IV therapy works

IV therapy uses a thin, hollow catheter in your vein to administer nutrient-rich fluids directly to your bloodstream. The catheter is inserted quickly and with minimal discomfort as our IVs are all inserted by Registered Nurses and Nurse practitioners that have extensive experience in IV treatments. 

The tube is attached to a bag filled with the a nutrient-rich solution tailored to your individual needs. During your therapy, you simply recline and relax while the IV delivers the custom solution to your bloodstream.

IV therapy vs. oral supplements

Many wonder how IV therapy compares to oral vitamin and mineral supplements. IV therapy actually differs in some very important ways.

First, the solutions used in IV therapy are far more diverse and versatile, combining fluids and micronutrients to address specific issues and overall wellness and hydration. That means your therapy is much more customizable than any product you could buy “off the shelf."

Second, by delivering solutions directly to your bloodstream, IV therapy bypasses your digestive system. That’s important because with oral supplements, acids and enzymes in your digestive tract break down critical nutrients, potentially  diluting their effects before reaching your tissues and organs. 

Digestive fluids can also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, which means you receive far fewer benefits — and a far smaller dose — than you anticipate. By bypassing your digestive system entirely, IV infusions ensure you receive the maximum dose of micronutrients — and they don’t cause acid indigestion or stomach irritation, either.

Types of IV therapy solutions

Our team offers a variety of IV solutions, allowing us to tailor therapy to your needs. Depending on your goals and health needs, your infusion can:

  • Rehydrate and fight fatigue (Recovery & Performance & Get up & Go)
  • Burn fat and boost energy (Recovery & Performance)
  • Enhance performance and speed recovery (Recovery & Performace)
  • Strengthen your immunity (Immunity & Myers Cocktail)
  • Relieve chronic discomfort and headaches (Alleviate & Myers Cocktail)
  • Fight acne and rejuvenate skin health (Beauty)
  • Boost brain function (Brainstorm)
  • Detoxify your body (Myers Cocktail)

We offer the highly popular Myers’ formula that blends key nutrients to support overall health and wellness and support detoxification. If you are using IV therapy for detox and cellular health, it is recommended to do a series of weekly or bi-monthly Myers treatments to really saturate the body with all of these key nutrients.

Before recommending any infusion, our team performs a comprehensive wellness evaluation and reviews your goals to ensure your therapy is optimized. Better still, you can repeat these therapies to stay at the peak of wellness.

IV therapy for your healthy lifestyle

IV therapy is a simple, safe, effective way to support peak health and wellness. To learn more about our IV therapies, request an appointment online or over the phone with the Institute for Hormonal Balance team today.