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The Institute for Hormonal Balance was founded by Dr. Gary Donovitz. Patients have entrusted Dr. Donovitz with their gynecological wellness and advanced hormone optimization since 1985 when he began his practice in Arlington, Texas.

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Hormone Services

Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance


Balance of Nature and Science with Extraordinary Benefits

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Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance

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    Balance of Nature and Science with Extraordinary Benefits

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  • Hormone Services

    We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality services that will produce results.

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    The most important thing a woman can do is receive an annual exam from a trustworthy medical professional.

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There are very few things more valuable in life than your health and there are plenty of steps you can take to keep yourself healthy. Eating right, exercising and getting plenty of rest can't prevent everything though, and when that's the case you'll need a trusted holistic health practitioner, women’s health specialist and hormone provider in Arlington to get you back on your feet and living your life. The Institute for Hormonal Balance is one of the most respected women’s health and medical spa centers in Arlington, Texas because of the quality care that our physicians provide. We're proud to be one of Arlington's premier hormone providers and women’s health centers with physicians dedicated to providing our patients with the finest quality of care to maintain that reputation.

Established Arlington Holistic Health Practitioners

One of the things that makes the Institute for Hormonal Balance a quality Arlington women’s health and medical spa centers is the wide range of care our physicians can provide to our patients and their families. The care our physicians provide spans all ages, ensuring that we can care for all members of your family. The holistic health practitioners that work here at the Institute for Hormonal Balance take your health very seriously. We want to make sure that you are living your best life, and that's what makes us one of the top holistic health centers in Arlington.

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Hormone Pellet Therapy For Women

Hormone Pellet Therapy For Men

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Other Hormone Services

A Trusted Arlington OBGYN Dedicated to Women’s Health

While we offer hormone and medical spa services, we specialize in women’s health and OBGYN care. As one of Arlington's top women’s health centers, we take great pride in the OBGYN care that we provide to our patients. Whether you just need a checkup or are planning on adding another member to your family, the OBGYN physicians at our women’s health center in Arlington bring only the most professional and quality service to our patients to keep them healthy and happy now and in the future. Our team works hard to ensure all our patients are comfortable and feel welcome. Discussing one's personal health is a serious matter and we want to ensure all our patients feel how important their well being is to us.

Arlington's Trusted Hormone Balance Provider

As mentioned, we also offer to the Arlington area hormone balance services. Proper hormone balance is necessary for the long-term health of both men and women. One of the things that makes the Institute for Hormonal Balance a top Arlington medical practice is the quality hormone doctors that we are proud to call ours. Our team of hormone doctors take hormone balance very seriously. Our hormone doctors know the importance of proper hormone balance, and we want to do whatever it takes to help our patients achieve that. We work with them to ensure we fully understand what they're experiencing before advising any options to address their symptoms. We want to ensure the path we lead all our patients down is the best option for them and their long-term goals.

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If you're looking for a quality hormone provider or women’s health center in the Arlington area or would like to talk to our holistic health practitioners about the services we also offer, please get in touch with us today. We strive to bring the most quality and attentive services to your Arlington clients. Become a patient with the Institute of Hormonal Balance in Arlington, TX today!

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