Skin Tightening Treatment in Prosper, TX: Skin Toning, Tightening & Lifting Treatments

The Institute for Hormonal Balance is renowned for its skin tightening treatments in Prosper, including the skin on the neck, face, and body. Our certified professionals are committed to ensuring you get the best skin treatments possible, able to sure up sagging skin on the neck, jowls, and the entire surface of the body. For skin lifting and toning treatments in Prosper that’ll guarantee you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, turn to the Institute for Hormonal Balance.

Beautiful young woman getting rejuvenating and tightening skin treatment at professional cosmetic salon.

Healthy Skin Tightening Treatments in Prosper

Unfortunately, skin sags and loosens around the face, neck, and jowls, and without professional skin tightening treatments, the process will just speed up. At the Institute for Hormonal Balance, our treatments make sure you see smoother and firmer skin with improved texture and reduced fine lines and wrinkles — and quickly. When you need comprehensive skin tightening treatments in the Prosper, you can always trust our certified practitioners to deliver the best.

Is it Time for Skin Lifting Treatments in Prosper?

Do you have sagging skin or baggy jowls that have you feeling less confident in Prosper? It doesn’t have to be that way, as the Institute for Hormonal Balance offers the best in industry skin lifting treatments. These safe and healthy treatments are known to deliver support to deeper layers of skin around your chin, jowls, and neck area.

Effective Skin Toning & Laser Treatments in Prosper

The fastest and most effective way to deal with loose skin anywhere on the body is through our innovative edge skin toning treatments. Even better, targeted laser treatments are widely believed to deliver the fastest results, ensuring you get the confidence and skin you desire both now and in the future.

Invigorating Face & Body Treatments in Prosper

The Institute for Hormonal Balance delivers skin tightening treatments that target every part of your face and body. The sooner you get ahead of possible problem areas and schedule the proper treatments, the better your results will be. Further, many Prosper clients also notice improved tone and more even pigmentation throughout the face and body.

Serving Prosper Quality Skin Tightening With Updated Technology

We want to provide you with top results and the highest level of comfort, which is why we trust Cynosure’s line of beauty technologies to meet your skin needs.


We value comfort and time, which is why we trust FlexSure for skin tightening and body contouring. This is the first peel and stick wrappable RF applicator on the market. It provides a hands-free, warm and comfortable, treatments with no downtime — increasing comfort and convenience for you. FlexSure will work on any skin type at any time of the year. It works on the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Knees

TempSure® RF Platform

This expandable technology allows us to perform a wide range of aesthetic applications. Whatever your needs are, the TempSure platform allows us to take your specific wants and needs into account and craft a unique treatment solely for you.

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Hormone Therapy Done Right

We’re proud to bring the Prosper, TX community a possible relief for hormonal balance. We offer Medical Grade Nutraceuticals Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for both men and women. Not to mention, we provide weight loss management services, an aesthetic medical spa, and are one of the top well-woman clinics in the area. Just because you age, doesn’t mean you should feel any less than. With our BHRT, we may lessen the negative symptoms of hormone imbalance that a variety of our Prosper, TX patient’s experience. Call today and see how we can assist you in your journey to relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

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