Below are some of the most common questions our Irving hormone therapy patients have.


General BioTE® Questions for Irving Patients


Q: Why are balanced hormones important?

A: Studies have shown that balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention for women and men throughout the entire lifecycle, but especially in old age.

Q: What is hormone optimization?

A: We optimize hormone levels with bio-identical hormone pellets that equalize the body through continual absorption, leading to peak levels of health and well-being.

Q: What should I do before the procedure?

A: If possible, one week before the procedure stop all NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, etc.). No fasting in advance is required.

Q: What tests are required before insertion?

A: At a minimum, BioTE requires a comprehensive blood panel.

Q: What happens during the in-office insertion?

A: The insertion site (usually the upper buttocks) is numbed. A small incision is made for pellet insertion, the practitioner safely places it under the skin, and a bandage goes over the insertion site. 

Q: What happens during the week following the insertion?

A: After pellet insertion, it's best to eliminate lower body exercise. You can walk, but extraneous activity is not recommended, and swimming, hot tubs, and bathtubs are to be avoided. After bandage removal, normal activity may resume.

Q: How often is pellet insertion necessary?

A: As each patient’s symptoms are unique, so is each patient’s path to hormone optimization. Your journey will be customized to fit your specific needs.

Q: What happens to pellets after insertion?

A: The pellets are bio-identical and contain only natural hormones that will dissolve and absorb into the body.


Q: How long will it take for my body to get back to lean normal?

A: That depends on exercise amount and age. Testosterone decreases fat and increases muscle and lean body mass. Testosterone also increases natural growth hormone, which improves stamina to work out and increase muscle mass.



Questions About BioTE® for Women in Irving


Q: How often will I need pellets?

A: Usually every 3-4 months.

Q: I get horrible headaches - will they help me?

A: Yes! We have had great success, especially with women who have menstrual or age-related migraines.

Q: Do I need other medications?

A: If you still have a uterus, you will need to be on natural progesterone as well.

Q: Why do I need estrogen?

A: Estrogen is the most important hormone for a woman, as it protects against heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's, while adding to a youthful, healthy appearance.

Q: Why do I need testosterone?

A: Testosterone is the third female hormone, and women need it to keep their thought process quick and libido healthy. It also improves bone density, muscle mass, strength and prevents some types of depression.

Q: Will I grow unwanted hair from testosterone?

A: There is less chance of excess hair growth with natural testosterone than with synthetic hormones. Facial hair will grow with testosterone pellets, but normally no more than when you were in your thirties.


Questions About BioTE® for Men in Irving


Q: How often will I need pellets?

A: Usually every 4-5 months.

Q: How do I take testosterone pellets and not convert them to Dihydrotestosterone and estrone?

A: Blood levels of estrone and DHT are checked after treatment for elevation. If they are converting to metabolites, our practitioners can offer natural supplements such as DIM and Saw Palmetto, or an aromatase inhibitor prescription.

Q: What if I have prostate enlargement already?

A: Testosterone pellets should make it better.

Q: Will my testicles shrink while I take the testosterone pellets?

A: Yes, because they are suppressed from making as much testosterone while taking it. This is not permanent though.

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