Hormonal Balance Services: BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy in Irving, TX

The Irving area has trusted the professionals at the Institute for Hormonal Balance with their health and wellness needs since 1985. Our trusted staff of practitioners help women with their personal health concerns and assist all genders in achieving hormone balance through our own innovative method of hormone therapy called BioTE®. No matter the reason why someone in Irving comes to us for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, sexual wellness visits, or aesthetic services, they can have confidence that they are in good hands.  We believe hormone balance is a major component of a healthy lifestyle, and all the hormone therapy and various wellness services offered at the Institute for Hormonal Balance are designed to assist you in getting there.

BioTE®: Irving Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We are proud to offer the Irving and the greater Dallas area options for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that were developed by our founder Dr. Donovitz and are administered by certified hormone therapy practitioners. When people come to our Irving health center seeking to bolster their hormone balance, we provide custom BioTE hormone therapy plans that benefit their quality of life as well as provide long-term protection from disease. People blame so much on their hormones, but with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, they can control their hormones and establish better internal equilibrium. Both men and women in Irving come to us for BioTE treatments because they are proven to improve hormone balance.

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Additional Wellness Services Offered to Patients in Irving

Besides the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy services that we offer at the Institute for Hormonal Balance, we also offer various health, wellness, and beauty services for the women of Irving. Our team of experienced health practitioners can help with an array of things that females may need, from routine sexual wellness checkups to a wide variety of shots, supplements, and aesthetic products. The things we do in terms of women’s health allow our patients in Irving to both look and feel better, and our team of licensed medical professionals is dedicated to doing everything they can to help. All appointments in Irving, no matter which specific service they are for, are handled gently and respectfully and with the patient’s goals in mind.

Hormone Therapy and More at Our Irving Health Center

Here at the Institute for Hormonal Balance, we take great pride in the wellness services that we offer to our Irving patients. From BioTE® hormone balance therapy to sexual wellness visits and aesthetic care, our center’s services help women and men of all ages achieve better overall health. If any of these things sound like something that could benefit you or one of your loved ones, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call today and make an appointment to come in and talk to us at Irving’s Institute for Hormonal Balance. 

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