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Good news for those in Dallas with body systems that are out of whack: hormone balance is possible to achieve. The Institute for Hormonal Balance has two locations in the greater Dallas area where people can come to receive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the most natural way to equalize one’s endocrine system. We use BioTE® hormone therapy pellets as a type of treatment for Dallas men and women who experience improper hormone balance. Professionals all over the country administer BioTe, but our center is the birthplace of this method of hormone therapy, so you can trust we will take good care of you.

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Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance


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Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance

Benefits of Hormone Therapy from Our Dallas Centers

Hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems in the body, and as people in Dallas age, they often experience changes in hormone balance which comes with a variety of side effects. There are a number of methods available in Dallas for hormone therapy, but BioTE® is one of the most natural because it uses plant-based, custom-compounded pellets that contain a bio-identical match to whatever one needs to achieve hormone balance. The pellets we use for our Dallas bioidentical hormone replacement therapy patients are made at highly-specialized pharmacies registered with the FDA and are routinely tested for quality assurance.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Dallas

Each patient’s experience with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at our Dallas centers is different because each person’s specific hormone imbalance is different. Appointments at the Institute for Hormonal Balance start with a consultation for prospective BioTE® patients, where our Dallas practitioners conduct testing to get details about their hormones. After the consultation and testing phases in Dallas, we can formulate a treatment plan and develop custom pellets as part of their hormone therapy. The actual insertion of BioTE® pellets takes only a few minutes and involves little to no pain, with patients leaving our Dallas offices needing only a bandage.

Come to Us in Dallas for Help with Hormone Balance

The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy offered by the Institute for Hormonal Balance has helped many men and women live better, healthier lives. Our two Dallas-area offices have trusted medical practitioners on staff to help you overcome any hormone imbalances that you may be experiencing. The BioTE® pellets we use are all-natural, proven to help with hormone optimization, and were created by our centers’ founder Dr. Gary Donovitz. Give us a call at either of our Dallas offices today to schedule an appointment.

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