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People from all around Arlington visit us at the Institute for Hormonal Balance for a variety of hormone therapy services that help them achieve better hormone balance. When things like diet and exercise aren’t enough to fully achieve wellness goals, things like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can give one’s body an extra boost. Our Arlington health center offers hormone balancing services that can get you back to living life to the fullest, including Dr. Donovitz’s own pellet therapy program, BioTE®. The Institute for Hormonal Balance is one of the most respected places in Arlington to come for hormone therapy because of the high quality care that our physicians provide.

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Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance


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Correct Low Hormone Levels and Restore Hormone Balance

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Arlington

One of the services we offer to the greater Dallas area is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is designed to help people achieve hormone balance. While the science of hormone therapy has been around for a while, our innovative method of hormonal optimization was created by Dr. Donovitz himself and is called BioTE®. This approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provides people with the hormone balance that is necessary for good long-term health in the men and women of Arlington. All of our hormone therapy doctors take the time to discuss symptoms and concerns with BioTE patients in Arlington before recommending any specific bioidentical hormone replacement therapy regimens. Anyone who comes to us for BioTE treatments can have total confidence in the process, as our providers have cumulatively performed tens of thousands of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy procedures.

Other Services Offered at Our Arlington Health Center

One of the things that make the Institute for Hormonal Balance a quality Arlington health center is the wide range of services that our physicians can provide to patients as well as their families. In addition to hormone balancing services, we also provide women’s wellness and aesthetic care to Arlington patients in the form of things like OBGYN visits, supplements for weight loss help as well as skincare, and facial filler injections. We want to help our patients achieve all their wellness goals through the variety of med spa and aesthetic services we offer in Arlington.

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If you're looking for a place to receive quality hormone therapy and women’s wellness services in the Arlington area, the Institute for Hormonal Balance can help!  Our holistic health practitioners offer various health as well as aesthetic services, and our center is the birthplace of BioTE®, a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that has helped many people in Arlington and beyond live more balanced lives. Call our office today to book an appointment at the Institute of Hormonal Balance.

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