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Supplementation can quickly become an overwhelming task for any patient, just ask anyone who has walked into a vitamin shop. How do you know which ones to choose? How do you know which company has the best quality? Why do the prices vary so much? Why do I even need supplements? These are all questions that run through our patient’s minds, and we found a way to help you. We have developed our own private label nutraceutical line sourced from only the best companies out there. A lot of patients may not realize that over the counter supplements can contain harmful toxins or may not contain what is on the label, however when you choose pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals, you can ensure that you are not just taking capsules that will produce no health effect. Our nutraceuticals are only available to our patients, and we promise they will leave you feeling better and will help support your overall health.

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Only the Best Hormone Therapy Supplements

IHB Nutraceuticals feature superior supplements that help maintain normal hormone balance. Each IHB supplement contains essential micronutrients that support overall health.

Only the Best Hormone Metabolism Support Supplements

. When patients start on hormone therapy, a lot of the time they have concerns about cancer. Cancer related to hormones has to do with the way that the body metabolizes the hormones. Therefore, we strongly encourage patients to take certain supplements such as Diindolylmethane (DIM) that aid in hormonal metabolism. DIM also assists in increasing free testosterone and maintaining a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone in the body.

Our Nutraceuticals

 The goal of our providers is to help patients find the best supplements on the market that will actually produce noticeable effects in your overall health as well as how you feel. We have labeled the IHB CORE supplements to show patients which ones are essential for all patients, and then have additional supplements to help with other needs. Beginning with the IHB CORE supplements will get you off to a good start and then you can add additional products based on your unique health situation and symptoms.ARTEROSIL®HP: Arterosil HP is the only product clinically shown to restore the endothelial glycocalyx.

Our arteries and veins have a protective “non-stick” lining called the endothelial glycocalyx. It prevents cholesterol and other particles from adhering to or penetrating the endothelial wall. Arterosil promotes a healthy heart, supports normal circulation, and helps maintain blood pressure in normal range.* In men, Arterosil helps support normal erectile function.*

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IHB CORE D3+K2 and IHB CORE D3+K2 MAX is a combination of twoessential vitamins that support normal bone and heart health in men and women. Together vitamin D3 and K2 are vital in producing osteocalcin, a protein secreted in bones that helps strengthen them. Vitamin K2 pulls calcium out of the blood stream and puts it back into the bone structure which lowers cardiovascular risk, kidney stones, and strengthens bones.

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IHB CURCUMIN is a well-absorbed curcumin for maintaining healthy joints and muscles. IHB CURCUMIN is a full-spectrum turmeric product that contains an exclusive blend of bioactive nutrients. It is a natural turmeric matrix standardized to contain curcuminoids, turmeric oils and turmerin protein, along with many other active turmeric compounds that deliver comprehensive support.. Moreover, curcumin enhances the COMT enzyme, which helps metabolize estrogen, protecting cells from improper estrogen metabolism that could result in DNA damage. Turmeric is beneficial for immune function, gut health, and inflammation.

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IHB CORE DIM contains extracts from broccoli and other cruciferous veggies that provide support for the healthy metabolism of estrogen in both men and women. Hormones (especially estrogen) are critically important in human development and tissue repair. However, estrogen’s proliferative effects must be balanced and controlled for optimal health. Therefore, to ensure proper hormonal balance, estrogen synthesis and detoxification should be supported. Estrogen has several downstream metabolites, of which some are beneficial while others possess potentially harmful biological activity. By keeping hormones in balance and ensuring the body can process estrogen properly, cruciferous vegetable metabolites (i.e., I3C and DIM) work together to maintain cellular health.
DIM can be beneficial for breast, uterine, cervical, and prostate health.

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IHB IODINE + provides imperative minerals that support energy levels, metabolism, and natural thyroid hormone production. The thyroid produces two hormones—thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3)—that regulate our body's metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Iodine is critical to this process, and IHB IODINE+ provides the body with an adequate amount of the mineral that may help to maintain normal hormone production.

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IHB CORE METHYL is a concentrated and comprehensive formula that helps promote heart, cognitive, and bone health.. Methylation is a critical biochemical process that has a significant impact on the body’s ability to regulate its cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and detoxification systems. IHB CORE METHYL provides high-concentration folate as Quatrefolic®- 100% 5-MTHF, the biologically active form, and trimethyl glycine. The formula includes key methylation vitamins B2, B6 and B12 (methylcobalamin). This specific blend of methyl donors promotes DNA repair, homocysteine balance, neurotransmitter production, hormone balance and optimal detoxification. IHB OMEGA combines EPA and DHA from fish oil to support heart, blood vessel, brain, bone, and muscle health, as well as promote energy production.


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential cornerstones of human nutrition. They are deemed "essential" because we need them for proper health, but cannot produce them on our own. We must therefore consume these fats through diet or supplementation.

IHB OMEGA is a high-concentration fish oil sourced from waters off the Chilean coast. As the world’s least industrialized coastline, these cold, fresh waters provide the cleanest, most sustainable source of fish in the world. This exclusive fish oil is purified, vacuum distilled, and independently tested to ensure heavy metals, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are removed to undetectable levels. With over 10,000 published studies in the last three decades, EPA and DHA from fish oil are among the most researched natural ingredients available and have a long history of safety and efficacy.

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IHB CORE PROBIOTIC is a unique probiotic formula designed to deliver active organisms shown to promote healthy gut microflora, protect intestinal integrity and boost immune function. Probiotics are living microorganisms that reside in our gut and are vital for the body to function properly. Our specialized blend helps maintain a healthy immune system, hormone and pH balance, weight management, and a steady digestive system.

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IHB CORE MULTI is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients specifically designed to recharge cellular energy production, increase antioxidant protection, support detoxification capacity, and support immune function. Based on peerreviewed, double-blind research, IHB CORE MULTI provides a unique blend of acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine. All have shown to support immune function and energy output.

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IHB CORE IMMUNE is a balanced blend of flavonoids and crucial vitamins and minerals that provide safe, long-term immune support for all populations without overstimulating the immune system.


IHB DEEP SLEEP is a blend of botanicals, nutrients, and neurotransmitter precursors designed to support quality, restful sleep. By providing nutritional support for calm brain activity, IHB DEEP SLEEP helps promote the body’s natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Key ingredients include botanicals that support nervous system function, PharmaGABA® (a proprietary form of gamma-aminobutyric acid [GABA]), L-theanine, melatonin, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), and pyridoxal-5-phosphate (the activated form of vitamin B6).

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IHB STRESS provides a unique blend of “stress-adapting botanicals” which help increase the body’s resistance to fatigue, improve attention and immune function and maintain balanced cortisol and DHEA levels.


IHB PROSTATE contains Saw palmetto extract, stinging nettles root extract and pygeum bark extract which each support prostate health, and their combination in a single formula creates a synergistic effect.

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IHB UT PREVENT is a formula designed to support kidney and urinary tract health and to help to promote microbial balance.

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IHB IgGMMUNE is the only purified, dairy-free source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) available as a dietary supplement. Pure IgG helps to maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by binding a broad range of microbes and toxins within the gut lumen.


IHB CORE THYROID is a unique formula specifically designed to offer nutritional support for healthy thyroid function and hormone balance.* The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolic rate and energy production, which affects virtually every tissue and cell, as well as helping to promote a positive mental outlook. Your body relies on the thyroid gland for fat burning and sugar metabolism; it also affects brain development and cognitive function, bone metabolism, intestinal function, and healthy skin, hair and eyes.

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IHB BEAUTY provides several essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients needed to support healthy skin, hair and nails. IHB Beauty provides betaine HCl, which helps to promote efficient digestion and assimilation of proteins and minerals necessary for hair and nail health. It includes MSM, which provides a bioavailable source of sulfur, for connective tissue integrity. Saw palmetto is added to support normal levels of DHT, known to play a role in the thickness and health of hair. In addition, silica (from horsetail grass extract) is included for its collagen-enhancing properties.


IHB EXCITE-M May help promote male sexual desire, encourage normal testosterone production  and healthy testosterone metabolism, May help support healthy erectile function, supports antioxidant status in the body and May support exercise tolerance especially formulated for male patients.


IHB EXCITE-F is a unique and targeted combination of ingredients provides support for natural testosterone production, optimization of testosterone and estrogen metabolism, increased blood flow, and adrenal support. This product is designed to help promote overall healthy desire and sexual satisfaction, specifically for women.*

Hormone Therapy Done Right

We’re proud to bring the Arlington community a possible relief for hormonal balance. We offer Medical Grade Nutraceuticals Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for both men and women. Not to mention, we provide weight loss management services, an aesthetic medical spa, and are one of the top well-woman clinics in the area. Just because you age, doesn’t mean you should feel any less than. With our BHRT, we may lessen the negative symptoms of hormone imbalance that a variety of our Arlington patient’s experience. Call today and see how we can assist you in your journey to relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

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