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Well Woman Care

An annual exam is the perfect opportunity to discuss maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing health risks . A well-woman exam includes screening for risks, evaluation of the patient, and health counseling appropriate for the age of the patient. We recommend yearly annual exams for all ages. The physical exam portion of the annual is based upon age as well but often includes a pelvic and breast exam. We will also evaluate your pulse, blood pressure, body mass index, and weight. We will discuss important preventive measures that you should be taking in order to screen for disease processes. We will also order blood work to check blood counts, liver and kidney function, thyroid and other hormones.

What to Expect

Your well-woman exam will focus on your overall health and wellness. Most visits begin with a discussion between you and the practitioner regarding your current and past health history. He or she may ask about your eating and exercise routines, and you should be open about any negative health habits-like smoking or excessive drinking- that you might have. Your providers may also ask whether or not you're using birth control, and if you've been pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the future.

Following the initial discussion, the practitioner will do a physical exam including

  • Neck & thyroid
  • Skin
  • Breast
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvic Area

Follow-Up Care

If there are any concerns that need to be addressed following your well woman exam, you and your provider will discuss your treatment options. He or she may be able to address your concerns that day or make a recommendation if a specialist is needed.

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